Americans gain access to major medical advances ahead of others time and time again. Top-rated for medical advancement, the United States ranks 6th in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation which is in large part thanks to tireless research from leading American universities and corporations.

Global Leader of Medical Developments

Healthcare research in the United States is competitive and fast-paced so it comes as no surprise that the country outperforms others around the globe by a wide margin when it comes to science and technology. One estimate says that the US is responsible for a whopping 46% of global research and development in the life sciences.

Some recently published highlights include:

  • Medical and health research and development expenditure of over $194.2 billion (pre-Covid 19 pandemic)
  • The United States has a much higher percentage of medical specialists than any other OECD countries
  • Compared to its neighbour, Canada, the United States has eight times more magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRIs) per capita, six times more lithotripsy centres, and three times more cardiac catheterisation and open heart surgery units
  • Preventative care is excellent in the US, outperforming its peers in screening rates and early detection of common illnesses and diseases. The country has one of the highest rates of breast cancer screening for women aged 50 to 69 and the second highest rate of flu vaccinations among people 65 and older.

America’s achievements in this field have earned its medical fraternity an impressive number of scientific Nobel prizes per capita, as well as high rankings for its impact in academia, and record levels of expenditure per capita for research and development. Bragging rights aside, as a result of these accomplishments, some of the most innovative and cutting-edge medical treatments in the world are available to US citizens before they are accessible elsewhere.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur

Private and Public Access to Healthcare

A review of America’s healthcare system would be amiss without a mention of its fiscal challenges and access routes.

Despite incredible levels of spending, healthcare outcomes for Americans are not massively better than those in other countries with much less financial exposure. Beyond pure scientific advancement, rising costs and equal access to high-quality medical services and interventions is on the agenda for the US government. This will most certainly contribute towards positive progress of healthcare performance at every level of society.

America’s healthcare system is layered with private and public services which can be confusing for expats to navigate. But, as is the case in South Africa, medical aids – known in the States as health insurance – are only one part of the overall picture.

Healthcare in the USA is provided by insurance companies, healthcare providers, hospital systems and independent providers. Private health insurance with monthly premiums gives Americans access to private medical services, which can be secured through your employer or on your own. For vulnerable people – including the elderly, people with disabilities, and low-income families and individuals – government-backed public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid ensure a basic level of care, as well as emergency services for any citizen.

Live in the USA as an American

If you want to access incredible medical innovations for your family, or perhaps you’re a medical professional or academic with ambitions to work in healthcare research and development in the US, you can now live, work or study in the US and access the benefits of a fully-fledged citizen via the EB-5 Investment Programme.

The government-approved residency-by-investment initiative grants eligible high net worth individuals a Green Card, without any restrictions, after the successful investment of $800 000 in a regional centre earmarked for upliftment, job creation and development.

In addition to accessing healthcare services the same as any other American citizen, individuals with a Green Card can also:

  • Enter the USA visa-free
  • Earn a Green Card for their immediate family and dependents
  • Start a business anywhere in the US
  • Live, work, travel and study around the States without restriction
  • Access social services
  • Seek employment whilst studying

Begin your immigration journey to the USA today with help of an expert advisor at American Dream, South Africa’s leading EB-5 service provider.


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