Create a legacy
investment for
future generations.


Unrivalled family life in USA

We know that your family is your world and your decisions are based on how you can provide the best for the ones you love. Premium schools, exclusive homes, top-rated healthcare, access to travel around the globe, you’ve provided a lifestyle that is exceptional. Invest in a leading country that can promise your family a safe and secure environment where they can truly thrive in their pursuits in life. American Dream is headed up by Stuart Ferguson who has 13 years’ experience in successfully facilitating over 300 families through a residency-by-investment visa, known as the EB-5 Investor Program. Let your family have the freedom to live, work, study and travel without any limits and most importantly, securely.

A better future for your children

Have your children reached the end of their high school journey and looking at tertiary educational choices? Whatever your reason, rest assured America’s first-world offering is home to internationally-acclaimed schools, universities, healthcare, global enterprises and a premium destination for entrepreneurs. Set your children up for a lifetime of success through a legacy investment like the EB-5 Investor Program.

The EB-5 Investor Program benefits:

  • Non-restrictive Green Card for you and your family
  • You and your family can live and work in the US through this Investment Program
  • Take your business anywhere into the USA and conduct business with ease
  • Enrol your children into top ranked Ivy League colleges specialising in private research and academic excellence
  • Become USA citizens after 5 years
  • Enjoy visa-free travel to 160 countries