The applicant is not required to have any specific level of employment experience or education. The key requirement is that he/she has the required net worth and capital.

No, not to obtain permanent resident status.

Yes. You will be required to complete a medical exam with a USA approved physician.

• Legal permanent residents under the EB-5 Investor Programme enjoy many of the same benefits as USA citizens.
• Any family member with a Green Card can enter the USA without any restrictions on their length of stay.
• Permanent residents travel to the USA without the need of a visa.
• Permanent residents may work, live or own their own proprietary business anywhere in the USA.
• The USA has internationally recognised colleges and universities for basic education and graduate study. Permanent residents can benefit from
   lower tuition costs.
• The cost of living in the USA is lower than most large industrial nations. Consumer goods, services and housing are less expensive than comparable
  services and goods in most other industrialised countries.
• Permanent residents may work in the USA while they attend college.

Under USCIS regulations, the applicant must demonstrate that his/her assets were gained in a lawful manner. This requires the applicant prove his/her funds were obtained through lawful business, salary, investments, property sales, inheritance, gift, loan or other lawful means.

Yes, provided that any applicable gift taxes are paid. It must be demonstrated that the gift is an actual “arm’s-length transaction” and that the gifted funds won’t be given back after permanent resident status is granted.

A “conditional” Green Card is valid for two years. One year and nine months (21 months) after it is issued, a three-month window opens during which an individual must file an I-829 application with the USCIS. When the “conditional” resident status is lifted, full resident status is granted and a new Green Card is issued.

Under USA law, an applicant approved for the EB-5 immigrant visa receives a “conditional” Green Card, which must be reissued after two years, subject to removal of conditions. Otherwise, the two cards offer the same rights and privileges.