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Green Card

If you are in the process of applying for the EB-5 Investor Programme or thinking of immigrating to the US, you might be wondering what the process is and how your Green Card fits into the picture. Under the EB-5 Investor Programme, you and your immediate family are eligible to apply for a Green Card.

What are the benefits?

Green Card holders get to enjoy the same benefits that USA citizens have. You will have no restrictions on your length of stay and can travel to the US without the need for a specific visa. As a permanent resident you can now work, live or own a proprietary business anywhere in the USA. As a permanent resident your kids will benefit from lower tuition costs and the world-class education available.

What is a “conditional” Green Card?

Conditional Green Cards are applicable to investors. A “conditional” Green Card is valid for two years. One year and nine months (21 months) after it is issued, a three-month window opens during which an individual must file an I-829 application with the USCIS. When the “conditional” resident status is lifted, full resident status is granted, and a new Green Card is issued.

Can my Green Card be taken away?

Yes, under limited circumstances. There are a few ways in which your Green Card can be taken away. These include being outside the US for a prolonged period, committing fraud or wilful misinterpretation, marriage fraud and criminal conviction.

How long is my Green Card valid for?

As a permanent resident, you must apply for removal of the conditional status within 90 days before the end of the initial two years. Once approved, residents receive an “unconditional” Green Card. Once this status is removed, a new Green Card is issued and valid for ten years.

Can I travel with a Green Card?

One of the benefits of having a Green Card is being able to travel to more than 170 countries without a visa. Permanent residents travelling outside of the USA for trips of 180 days or more can apply for a re-entry permit before leaving the USA, they can depart before the re-entry permit is approved. With this re-entry permit, residents can return to the USA even after one year until the re-entry permit’s expiration date.

With the help of the American Dream team, you can invest in the ultimate adventure of immigration! Boasting 100% success rate and a streamlined process, the EB-5 Investor Programme is your easiest route to residency.


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