Best for safety: Top states to live in the USA

One of the many reasons families and individuals look for alternative residency is to find a safer place to live. Latest research has discovered the safest states to live in the USA demonstrating that America is still a top immigration destination in 2021. According to the Global Peace Index, safety scores for personal and residential, financial, road, and workplace indicators, as well as emergency preparedness, the safest places to move to in the USA have it all.


Maine scored the highest ranking out of all 50 states, making it the safest place to live in the USA. Top of the scorecard was personal and residential safety with the lowest number of assaults per capita. It has the lowest violent crime rate overall and the fourth-lowest reported property crime.

Move to the USA and choose Maine for a balanced lifestyle that blends coastal and metropolitan living. Maine is known for its Atlantic rocky coastline, maritime history and areas of outstanding natural beauty, including picturesque mountainscapes, forests and waterways. Settlements in this beautiful state have evolved in recent years with coastal and Down East Maine taking the lead as important hubs for the creative economy. The hipster city of Portland, in particular, has grown from a small colonial seaport to Maine’s largest metropolitan area through ongoing gentrification.


Vermont comes in second place for personal and residential safety. The seventh highest for financial safety, it’s no surprise that Vermont has one of the lowest unemployment rates in America. Financial and job security is undoubtedly a major consideration for anyone wanting to immigrate and move to the USA.

Part of the New England region, Vermont is largely forested which gives a clue to its major industry – maple syrup. It boasts thousands of acres of distinctive mountain terrain with hiking trails and ski-slopes, perfect for an outdoor and active lifestyle. Perhaps it is for this reason that Vermont was also ranked among the best places to live in the USA for health outcomes.


Minnesota is the third-safest state to live in the USA. It ranked first for workplace safety, third for road safety and fourth for financial safety. The safest cities in Minnesota for the quintessential midwestern lifestyle are Lakeville, Plymouth, Eden Prairie and Maple Grove.

This state has more than 10 000 lakes, including Lake Itasca, the primary source of the legendary Mississippi River. Its historic settlements were considered part of the American frontier with its growth centred on timber, agriculture and railroads. Today, it has transformed and diversified its economy significantly. Many of the USA’s top publicly-traded companies are headquartered in Minnesota including Target, UnitedHealth Group, 3M, General Mills and U.S. Bancorp, as well as Cargill, the largest privately-owned company in America.

For those that have their sight set on America in search of a safe place to reside, American Dream helps High Net Worth Individuals to apply for the EB-5 Investor Programme. Through this opportunity, investors gain a Green Card and enjoy the benefits of peace of mind and security in a first-world country.


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