3 Reasons the USA remains a top immigration destination


America is often regarded as the ‘promised land’ where families seek out a higher standard of living for their loved ones. Top immigration destinations that offer financial security, excellent schooling and a family-focused lifestyle are an attractive choice for many households. Now the benefits of immigrating to a first-world country are within reach for a South African family through the EB-5 Investor Programme.

Financial security for the entire family

America still has one of the most active and secure economies in the world. It has recovered from the global downturn at a rapid rate with analysts predicting that the number of job opportunities are set to grow significantly.

A family-oriented person will want to immigrate to the America for a better life for their loved ones, away from political and social instability, where basic needs are met alongside the opportunity to create wealth. This is what it means not only to live in a first-world country, but to live the American dream.

First-world education for loved ones

It is the dream of many ambitious scholars to study at one of America’s top universities and colleges, however student visas can be incredibly difficult and costly to secure. Immigrate to the USA, become a citizen and enjoy access to a variety of prestigious educational institutions. With the opportunity and privilege to take advantage of scholarships and grants, a reputable education for your family can be a reality.

Malcolm X said it best: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Take the education of your loved ones into your hands today by gaining your Green Card.

Family-focused American lifestyle

America offers the best the world has to offer in terms of entertainment, technology, nightlife and more. It is still a place that many aspire to live in, especially big cities like New York and Los Angeles where anything seems possible. Through immigration, parents can guarantee their children and loved ones will have more than just stability but fulfilling experiences in all aspects of life. Many enjoy an active, balanced lifestyle all-year-round by taking advantage of American family-focused pursuits like theme parks, fairs, festivals and National Parks.

American Dream simplifies the application process for the EB-5 Investor Programme and facilitates High Net Worth Individuals immigrating to America by securing their offshore investments and residency. Create a new legacy and gain a Green Card for you and your immediate family to live, work, play and travel like an American citizen within this top immigration destination.


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