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New World Wealth’s 2019 Wealth Migration Report revealed that America was the second most popular country to attract over 10 000 High Net Worth Individuals. South Africa had experienced an outflow of 3000 High Net Worth Individuals over the last 10 years, and one of the top five destinations for these wealthy South Africans is the USA.

“America offers a growing economic climate and tax system, a first-class education and healthcare system.  It is no surprise that this dynamic, first-world country is at the top of the list for many to move to and realise their wealth goals. Last year we saw an increase of 100% in the enquiries for the American Dream EB-5 immigrant investor programme,” explains Stuart Ferguson, CEO of American Dream. 

President Trump has temporarily applied various bans and restrictions on the H1-B, J1, L1 and H2-B US visas. As a result, applying for US residency will prove even more difficult as these visa options become even more stringent than ever before and difficult to achieve. As you take the steps towards your immigration into the US, you want your application to be a streamlined, fuss free journey to achieving your US citizenship. The American Dream EB-5 immigrant investor programme gives you the easiest route to visa residency through the investment of a minimum of $900 000 in a designated Targeted Employment Area (TEA).

The objective from President Trump’s State of the Nation in 2020 was to maintain financial stability and further grow the economy. As it stands, the American economy maintained a GDP above the 2% mark throughout 2019 and despite the challenges 2020 has brought, positive economic activity will continue to thrive.

As a Green Card holder you will also be able to travel to over 160 countries visa-free, enjoy the same benefits as regular US citizens such as a lower cost of top-class universities or schools, as well as the benefit of lower cost of living.  US Universities rank in the top 4 of the QS World University Rankings.

“This residency programme allows you to become a full US citizen in only 5 years; it becomes a failsafe route to permanent residency within the US for the investor and their family, including independent children under the age of 21. Investors do not have to worry about the trouble of finding a sponsor, or do not require a special language, education or business experience. Through the EB-5 Investor Programme there is also no restrictions of movement; you get to work, live, study and build a business anywhere in the US,” shares Ferguson. 

He continues, “This visa investor programme works hand-in-hand with President Trump’s vision of both maintaining and increasing the country’s economic prosperity.”

“We are seeing a faster adjudication process – with the processing timeframe dropping from approximately 20 months to 13 months,” confirms Ferguson.

The US has remained as the leading country, with the world’s largest economy since 1871. As an effective, professional team, American Dream help facilitate every step of the EB-5 process to ensure the transition into the US is achieved quickly, effectively and hassle-free.


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