What can the EB-5 investment offer your family?

American Dream EB-5

Home to exceptional universities, schools, healthcare and a strong economy; America is a haven for families looking to give their children access to world-leading opportunities. One way to secure your family’s path into America is through the EB-5 Investor Programme. This route gives your immediate family, including spouses and children under the age of 21, immediate Green Card status and a pathway to permanent residency. 

Enjoy the range of benefits that come with a Green Card. Live a regular ‘American life’ with access to education, medical facilities and social programmes with the only exception of having the right to vote or receiving complete protection from deportation. These factors fall away once you apply for naturalisation, following a 5-year period within the country.   Along with your immigration benefits, you and your family can travel within the country and into over 160 countries within Schengen zones, visa free. Several of these zones include countries like France, Greece and Switzerland. 

“We wanted to move our entire family and were looking for a country and visa option that would make that possible. We looked long and hard and we couldn’t find anything that even remotely compared to American Dream and its value-added services” says Rohan and Jean-Marie Viljoen, a family that the American Dream team helped make their move.

Children over the age of 21 may apply under one application with a single fee, which means that they will not quality for immigration under the primary applicant but may apply within their own personal capacity. This in turn will assist their own families if they are married and have kids. It’s important to note that funds for their investment may come through sources like parents or investment dividends, as long as they are obtained legally. 

American Dream can make your move possible by facilitating your EB-5 Investor Programme application. Get in contact and set your family up for success.


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