How to Gain US Citizenship in 5 Years

How to get us citizenship

The United States (US) remains a top immigration destination for expats around the globe, and one that’s within reach for high net worth individuals, thanks to the EB-5 residency-by-investment scheme. Live the American dream and enjoy the quality of life and benefits that come with living in a first-world country.

What is the EB-5 Investor Program?

Simply put, the EB-5 Investor Program is a popular route for earning American citizenship by investment. It is aimed at giving high net worth individuals the opportunity to live, study, work and travel freely around the US through an investment of $800 000.

EB-5 investments must:

  • Go towards funding an EB-5 project that is a new commercial enterprise
  • Lead to the creation of 10 full time jobs for US workers

Once an investor is granted permanent residency under the EB-5 Investor Program, he or she will enjoy the same benefits as a US citizen:

  • A family with a Green Card can enter the US without restriction
  • Visa-free travel to the US
  • Live, work or start a business anywhere in the US
  • Study at any US college or university and pay the same tuition as other Americans
  • Access to healthcare and social services

What is an EB-5 project?

EB-5 projects are residential, commercial or mixed-use property developments that have been made possible by EB-5 investments. Sponsored by government-allocated and -approved regional centres, these EB-5 investments are a crucial component of obtaining a Green Card.

It is estimated that approximately 95% of all the EB-5 visa applicants invest through a regional centre as it is the safest way to guarantee both the safety of your investment and success of your visa application. A regional centre promotes economic growth within a specific geographic area through improved regional productivity, job creation and increased domestic capital using funds raised by the EB-5 Investor Program.

An entity, organisation or agency – like the American Dream – may apply to become one of these regional centres after an approval process mandated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Investors may also choose to form their own new commercial enterprise, but this is heavily legislated and tricky to navigate.

Choosing a regional centre, and subsequently, an affiliated EB-5 investment project is understandably a big decision. The American Dream matches investors with projects to smooth one of the most crucial parts of your EB-5 journey and Green Card petition.

Not only is American Dream approved and certified to ensure that your funds are safely invested in a project that meets USCIS requirements, but it also completes thorough due diligence to predict the positive outcome of the project and your investment. It is important to remember that the project’s developer signs a loan agreement stating that they will return the loaned funds to EB-5 investors in 5 years.

What EB-5 Projects are currently Underway?

Downtown Hollywood’s new $80 million residential tower, Block 40, is taking shape on the historic site of one of the neighbourhood’s oldest hotels. The new 19-storey high-rise along the south-west curve of Young Circle replaces a dated 1920s hotel built by Joseph W Young, an urban developer acknowledged as one of the major city builders of boomtime Florida.

Unfortunately deemed an unsafe and derelict building by the city council, it was time for the Great Southern Hotel to make way for a new development. The tower gained EB-5 regional centre status to raise funds for its construction. Block 40 will offer:

  • 166 upscale apartments
  • A Hilton Garden Inn
  • 9 800ft of commercial space for retail shops and offices

Construction on Block 40 is nearing completion with limited EB-5 investment opportunities still up for grabs. The large mixed-use development has created many local jobs so far and represents the financial interests of EB-5 investors who have contributed funds towards the transformation of this South Florida site.

I’m in. Now What?

The American Dream matches investors with an EB-5 investment opportunity that best meets their immigration goal.

Our expert agency, based in Johannesburg, has successfully helped many high-net-worth individuals and their families immigrate to the US and earn American citizenship. As the leading EB-5 service provider in South Africa, American Dream maintains a 100% project approval rate with the USCIS on I-526 and I-829 immigration petitions.

Contact one of the expert advisers at American Dream and begin your immigration journey to the US today.


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